In education at school and home there is a big emphasis now on helping children identify and name their emotions and associated situations. Take that a step further and help them become proficient in recognizing and understanding those of their classmates or family members, building empathy and EQ (Emotional Quotient). The “See My Feelings Mirror,”  aids in this process and makes learning fun. Kids hold their sturdy kid-proof mirror with six color coded emoji tabs. Slip a tab up and a picture of a child expressing a happy, surprised, scared, sad, silly or angry face slides above the mirror for inspection, description and matching. Kids love to make faces in a mirror so this is right in their wheelhouse as they name and match the emotion expressions. Four Getting Started Activities are provided that move progressively from 1) “How are you feeling today?” as a child lis looking in the mirror to express himself and describes what he sees, names emotions and makes an associated face, based on emojis, 2) drawing a picture of how he feels based on choosing an emotion and referring to its picture, to 3) managing negative emotions, talking about when they feel angry or sad and how they could  handle those emotions in a positive manner. Parents, therapists and teachers will want this tool to start an important chat about emotions, helping kids regulate themselves and better understand others. EQ is a hot topic regarding children being able to be flexible in challenging social situations to business people who know it’s value in the workplace. A high EQ has been correlated with later success in life and can be raised through rich conversations about emotions using helpful tools like “See My Feelings Mirror.”

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