Babies’ early months of language development are all about new experiences and building connection with caregivers. The See-Touch-Hear Sloth Ball offers a multi-sensory play experience that allows babies to explore with their eyes and hands while listening to melodies where parents can sing along.

With a spin, shake, or roll, the ball plays playful sounds and music, which teaches cause and effect. Cause and effect is an early cognitive skill that teaches babies that they are capable of changing their environment. If I shake this ball, it plays music! What a powerful skill! The familiar melodies allow parents to be the language input to sing to their baby and provide a language rich environment during play.

The colorful and textured fabrics on each of the six sections encourage easy-gripping for a nice tactile experience. As babies grow older, it’s great for encouraging gross motor development as they throw, roll, and chase the ball. They begin to notice the adorable peek-a-boo sloths in the center of the ball too. Our 1-year old toy tester enjoyed reaching her fingers inside to discover the sloths spin around!

With parents and babies in mind, VTech’s See-Touch-Hear Sloth Ball offers multiple ways to play that encourage language development, promote understanding of cause and effect, and allow for new sensory experiences for optimal learning.

Available at Walmart and Amazon