Bath time is always fun beginning with baby’s first water play. Drops and splashes add a sensory dimension to baby’s learning as he feels as well as sees how their interaction in the tub moves the bath mobile. Baby’s first water mobile clips on to baby bath tubs so your little one can observe the twirling blue, yellow and orange flowers as they sprinkle little drops of water. Meanwhile, the cute little red bird swivels as he sprays a gentle stream in different directions. Parents and caregivers have lots to talk about as baby enjoys his bath-“the big blue flower twirling or the little yellow flower on top, and the red bird squirting.”Interrupting the stream of water with your hand, shows a little cause-effect as the bird’s stream spreads out. You can even begin talk about body parts as you direct the bird to stream at baby’s tummy or hand. Fast forward to when your baby is sitting up and the Sensory Bath Mobile can attach to your big tub through suction and your child can experiment with the dribbles and streams of water on his own. Last weekend I was reminded about the fun and sturdiness of Yookidoo’s bath toys as I was visiting a family with four children 6 years old and under and their tub was filled with Yookidoo’s toys that were given to the oldest child when he was a baby. Now that is an endorsement for their making bath time fun!

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