Playing in the dark has always added an extra element of excitement as is the case with a round of “Shadows in the Forest,” the newest innovative game from ThinkFun. Set up your deep, dark forest with tall trees and rock formations, providing perfect hiding places for the little Shadowlings creatures who are quick to avoid light. Establish who will be the Seeker, playing against the rest of the players to shine your lantern light on a Shadowling to “freeze’ him. Those players operating the Shadowlings must keep them hiding in the shadows so as not to be exposed by a ray of light. Take off their cute little white masks to signify that they are frozen and need to be freed by another Shadowling. We realized that the frozen Shadowlings have to wait for the Seeker to move on and leave them in the dark again so a friend can free them. A cooperative game, “Shadows in the Forest” provides lots of squeals and laughter as Shadowlings try to stay in the shadows and the Seeker loves to catch them with his LED lantern light, casting shadows across the board. Kids tap into memory and strategy as they share options for next moves and work collaboratively in a game of hide and seek in the dark!

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