I could barely get the sturdy cardboard playhouse and props out of the box fast enough as my 4 year-old friend slipped on his armor,  helmet, and shield and claimed his sword. “Stand back!” he said, “Slay that dragon.” His story had begun with an exciting opening and he didn’t stop talking during my whole visit. I had brought one of Sharingland’s new pop-up Playhouse Kits, the “Epic Castle,” to a friend’s house who was teaching summer school with preschoolers. Her son got so involved and loved it so that he wouldn’t let her take it to class. He carefully designated the good and bad dragons that were propped up around the castle and crowned himself king in charge of protecting the princesses (mom, sisters and grandma). The playhouse was up and ready for storytelling in no time as big sister completed it with flags waving on top. Add some reading and writing practice as my little friend found the dry erase marker in the box to personalize his castle, “A J’s Castle” and wrote his name on his armor. Easily erased, fresh customized messages can be added to the castle and props for new storylines. Illustrated both in and out, this castle inspires new details for the story with flags and torches on the outside with piles of gold, treasures, bottles, potions, and a sword on the inside. Everyone loved the castle and mom even thought it could make a special reading nook in the classroom.

Note Sharingland offers five playhouses with themes from Space Odyssey to Windmill Farm.

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