The Shark Rocket by SwimWays creates fun opportunities for children to practice swimming and diving to witness fierce blasts in and out of the water. No batteries required and 100% pool powered, the shark-shaped torpedo can soar over 6 feet in the air when released from underwater.

There are two ways to witness the Shark’s flying magic. First, submerge the shark underwater and point it in any direction for a quick blast off. Or, divers can swim to the bottom of the pool to use the suction for the timed release blast off and watch the shark fly through the air.

Kids loved taking turns, making predictions, and blasting off the Shark Rocket. Whether they were underwater observers, or out-of-water data collectors, they loved “measuring” the height of its blasts. They observed how it traveled through the water and air and predicted where it would land. It even encouraged some of our more fearful swimmers to take turns diving underwater to watch the events.

The Shark Rocket can help children develop a sense of curiosity and exploration. It encouraged movement like swimming and diving, conversation, predictions and observations. The Shark Rocket will enhance a summer day at the pool and get kids even more excited about swimming!

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