Peaceable Kingdom’s Shiny Barn Buddies Floor Puzzle combines the cognitive challenges of puzzle play with the creativity of pretend play. This floor puzzle offers an array of learning opportunities through problem-solving, language and imagination and motor development too.

This 48-piece floor puzzle is in the shape of a barn with all of the farm’s favorite animals. As kids organize, manipulate and place pieces, they develop spatial awareness and learn about orientation and position in space — an essential skill for both academic and everyday tasks.

It’s also great for visual-spatial reasoning. Children must recognize shapes and patterns, especially as they outline the barn and puzzle edges. Recognizing patterns within the puzzle pieces helps develop cognitive skills that are critical for reading, math, and problem-solving.

Puzzles require problem-solving skills. Kids often plan, strategize and execute as they work through trial and error and analyze each piece to the bigger picture. Puzzle play teaches children to tackle challenges and think critically to find solutions.

Our favorite part about this shiny barn, were the 6 pieces that were the animals themselves. It allowed for pretend play and storytelling. The cat and sheep played together in the meadow while the cow and horse peaked from around an imaginary tree. This moved the play and language opportunity into new directions, sparking creativity and narrative development.

Floor puzzles are magic for combining language, cognition, and motor skills. Kids used gross motor movement to crouch and place each piece, problem solving as they organized and analyzed pieces, and practiced conversation and storytelling. The Shiny Barn Buddies Floor Puzzle is a great choice for multidisciplinary learning.

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