Let’s haul in the most matching shrimp from our boat to concoct a delicious shrimp cocktail. A fast-paced card game in a tin, Shrimp Cocktail requires speedy recognition of language categories, visual matching and fine motor skills. Flip over the 81 shrimp cards, one by one, placing them on one of 3 shrimp boat cards. Keep your eyes open for all three cards sharing a characteristic in common–color, number, quantity or origin (these little shrimp are wearing sombreros, Canadian ski hats, or cowboy hats). Players have to decide which pile to place their card on to make a 3-way match. The highlight with kids is when they spot a match and squeeze the puffy starfish for a squeak to their delight. Shrimp Cocktail is another fun learning game that’s portable for travel in its very own tin.

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