Want to delight your child with a bundle of creative fun? Crayola’s Silly Scents wedge and fine markers and twistable crayons and colored pencils come as 4 packages for budding illustrators and authors. 12 Silly Scent characters represent the different scents infused in the pencils, crayons and markers. Kids get a sniff of root beer and cotton candy to beach and fruit punch, as they select the matching color and start to draw or write. The scents are silly and fun, but not overwhelming, adding a sweet touch to art and writing projects. When I gave a bundle to a 9 and 7 year-old, they set up their drawing area and went to work for quite some time. The oldest was inspired by the cartoons on the package and took off with her “Crazy Root Beer” character with some dialogue. Adding scents to already fun markers, pencils and crayons adds some fun and encourages kids to get creative with their writing and illustrating, building fine motor and language muscle, encouraging story telling.

Available at Crayola. Click here