Our slappy campers are having a hilarious time racing to gather their gear for a camping trip. Flip a card to see what piece of camping gear to pack, and be the first player to slap a matching gear piece  among those spread out on the table with your marshmallow slapper. Camping gear pieces range from a swim suit, cooler, fishing vest and sleeping bag to a canoe, fly swatter or camera. The pieces vary in size and shape (think fishing pole versus a back pack) like puzzle pieces to fit contiguously in your camper grid. Be a careful packer because you can’t rearrange your gear, making this a game of visual spatial skills as you load your gear.The winner tells a story about his camping trip based on the gear he has collected which can get outrageously funny when you’ve collected two canoes, a tire, a lady’s bathing suit, fly swatter and one boot.. Players exercise visual matching, spatial and motor skills as well as create stories which advances language skills, supporting early literacy.

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