Slingz is a fast-paced, quick thinking race of vocabulary, speed, and creativity. Players name items that begin with their letter cards and engage in a thrilling battle of word retrieval and category thinking.

Each player receives 5 cards, each with a letter on it. A category card is played in the center. Players race to name items within that category that begin with any of their letter cards. After 3 responses, a new category card is revealed. The round ends when a player has no more letter cards. The remaining players add up their points. The game ends when any player reaches 40 points and the person with the least points wins!

Some fun categories we encountered were, “A name for your pet,” which sparked some creativity: Max, Lola, and Daisy were all called out. Our next category was “It comes in pieces” and response time was a bit longer. “Reeses” and “egg salad” were deemed acceptable responses, but when someone named “glass,” the majority just didn’t agree. The player collected an extra card as a penalty, and we played on!

Category thinking is so important! It’s how we learn, relate, store and recall words. Categories allow us to organize our thoughts and words by making connections.

The quick word retrieval strengthens vocabulary and enhances cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and processing speed. Slingz challenges players to think critically and creatively. Each round presents a new and unique category, prompting players to think outside of the box to generate a sound (and often funny!) response.

Slingz by Blue Orange Games is a thrilling word game of word retrieval, category thinking, and social interaction. By challenging players to think quickly, it fosters language, cognitive and social skills in a fun and engaging way.

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