Smart Toys Click & RollHands got busy when we opened the box for Click and Roll. “Oh let’s make a giant marble run,” was my friend’s first impression but quickly his imagination took off in so many directions I could hardly keep up! “Let’s make a cave, we can use these magnets to make a trap to a treasure. He put a ball atop a rod and said, “It’s like ice cream, a trophy,” and went on to build a rocket with boosters. Then I found him lost in his pretend play with his “ice skater,” who had several legs and was a bit wobbly! “Let me upgrade him,” he said as he made him more powerful with added rods. His favorite creation was the rocket with balls that blasted out onto his space station. Clearly this little guy proved to me that an outstanding open-ended construction set elicits creative pretend play, expanding language skills and story telling.

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