Open the grill top and a friendly face greets kids, inviting them to add their favorite food to the rotisserie. Kids quickly learned how to snap on the corn, hot dog, eggplant or steak, among others. Move the mode switch to one of three options, learn, play or music mode. My little friend snapped on the corn to learn the name and color while getting her counting lesson started when when she moved the skewer each time. Sizzling, grilling sounds add to the play as kids press the light up grill button. Kids learn to listen and follow directions, “Time to flip, use the spatula,” learn colors and counting, and build their grill vocabulary! Play mode provides many  cute songs and rhyming phrases that pair with pretend play at the barbecue, “Time to chill, corn’s on the grill,” or “Fish dish, oh I wish.” Children start to listen for rhyming pairs, an important language and literacy skill. Little songs share little sequences of activity at the barbecue, grab your plate and get in line for some food. This friendly BBQ Grill on wheels invites happy pretend play, responding to the many prompts, directions and songs related to grilling a yummy treat. Children learn essential language skills as they expand and enjoy their pretend play and prepare a yummy lunch!

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