Smart Toys and Games has been delighting children and parents with toys that have a learning edge, as they have given us fun logic puzzles with an underlying language component. Their newest “Brain Train” has so many levels of learning that it spans several ages for kids to be engaged and build their skills. The set of three cars– an engine, and two wagons– need a combination of square, circle or star blocks to correctly fit in the holes on the train. The trick is that sets of blocks are attached with a string so you have to think in sequences to solve how to link the wagons and engine together. The accompanying Challenge Book shows a picture of the desired color and position of the blocks and wagons. The first challenge simply requires a child to pop the figure into the engineer’s position. This is a clever two-sided piece with a square bottom and circle top to resemble a person.  The 48 challenges get increasingly difficult until the last picture gives very little information on the shape or color of the blocks to put in order. Kids love the challenge and don’t realize they are getting some preparation for reading as they match sequences of block color and shape as they will be learning sequences of letters when they read. This toy also provides a wonderful collaborative play experience as kids offer options, negotiate plans and problem solve together to find the solution. So hop on this train to exercise some motor, visual, spacial, cognitive and language skills!

Will be available at Smart Toys and Games