smartgames-little-red-riding-hood-product“Little Red Riding Hood” is a favorite fairy tale that comes alive in SmartGames’ new preschool puzzle game. With 48 challenges to solve, kids get plenty of brain exercise charting a path to grandma’s house, dodging obstacles. Beware of the wolf who gets his own path in advanced challenges. Kids realize that the house has 3 doors for more options to enter as well as colored flowers indicate which path tile to use. As with his predecessor, “Three Little Piggies,” “Little Red Riding Hood” is a wonderful preschool game, whose physical play invited some pretend as kids take a turn and often have some free play with the characters, path and props. Language learning is enhanced as kids get creative with a little story telling and re-enact the cute wordless book included. Books without words are great pre-literacy learning tools for children as they tell the story their way, based on pictures leading them through the details.

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