So many grandmas grew up on paper dolls but now play is made even easier with Snap Dolls. My little friend saw the box and said, “I have those, I love this!” She opened the box and immediately “dressed” her doll, snapping on a beautiful blue gown and started talking about Cinderella and a Frog Prince as she snapped the frog to her hand. Her little puppy was quickly named Lulu for her story as she picked up the Fairy Tale book and snapped it on the doll. Grandma suggested she could make up her own fairy tale and when she saw another SnapDoll she said, “If you get another one of these…” and her granddaughter finished, “You can make them friends!” These dolls quickly became objects to fuel a child’s imagination ready to compose a story where she was the lead character. Accessories like a frog, tea pot, crown, party hat and dress, plates and flowers fuel the storyline. Children practice story telling through pretend play, building language and literacy skills for later reading and writing.

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