Kids truly reign over adults in this game of producing sounds to match everyday experiences, guessing the source, and finding the image of what made the sound in a related illustration. 96 sound cards are broken into categories that match the 8 scene boards illustrating kids’ events–a basketball game, carnival, rock concert, space station, haunted house, zoo, house and classroom. Choose a category and matching scene board and start your play. A designated “Sounder” selects a card, and makes the sound pictured for others to guess. The two “Listeners” try to be the first to guess the sound’s source and also find it on the corresponding scene board. The game gets hilarious as kids are masters at noise making. I heard some terrific burps, ketchup splurts (I couldn’t even attempt to repeat it but of course my little 8 year-old tester was quite adept) and basketball whooshes. The scene boards are packed with varied facial expressions, actions, animals and machines to provide the noise. Kids need to think on many levels of language–interpret the picture, generate an associated sound, match the auditory sound to a visual picture, scan a packed illustration and often look for associations (looking for the frog? find the water). Let the play and learning begin!

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