Think fast and answer first in this fast paced word game that challenges players to think in categories as well as about letter placement, syllables, and word length. After simple set up, the fun begins immediately as players start with a stack of pink cards, turn one over to reveal a black card and race to call out the answer that meets the criteria on the two cards. Pink cards name categories such as a capital city, something that fits in your hand, or something that is loud, while the black cards give limitations that require or prohibit certain letters or word structure, such as containing only 3 syllables, containing an F, or beginning with a D. Play got moving fast as we were faced with “something found in school, not containing an N”–paper clip and “something seen at an airport, not containing S”–luggage. Players really exercise their problem solving and deductive reasoning as they mentally search the category for a word that meets the linguistic requirements of placement of letters and length of the word. We found that words requiring ending letters were harder to call up but the game was so much fun that players asked to play again, exercising language and literacy skills!

By Bob Artemenko, Wordsmith

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