blue orange SpotIt_BasicEnglish“Bird! No, kite! No, it’s cake!” cried my toy tester as she finally found the link between two cards while playing Spot It! Three mini-challenges, ranging in difficulty, compose Spot It! Basic English, however, the aim of the game is always the same- be the first player to spy the matching word or image for the same item on two cards and shout it out. Words, such as socks, bread, and duck, and their images decorate the 55 playing cards and are strategically placed so that there is one and only one match (word to image, word to word, or image to image) between any two cards. Race the other players as you each try to find the corresponding pair between the card from the pile and your own card. Spot It! Basic English takes a few rounds to get the hang of it,  but once the ball gets rolling the game gets faster and faster! Language is a key component to this game teaching basic vocabulary, reading, and association between an object and the written word, while attention and quick thinking skills are required.  This game is so fun kids might not even “spot” the educational component!

Julie Fracker contributed to this review. Julie is passionate about working with kids and pursuing a degree in speech pathology at University of Connecticut.

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