imgres-12“Spot It” is everybody’s favorite and now we can invite the preschool set to join the learning fun! Flip your card over to search for the only number or shape that matches between two cards. Sounds simple but so many times I am convinced there isn’t a match–but of course I am wrong. I was humbled to play this with my 3 year-old friend who quickly called out “blue triangle” or “green 4” before I could see the match. Play is so fast that kids don’t realize all the learning taking place–building the vocabulary of colors, numbers and shapes, scanning for and recognizing symbols and visual matching. Several variations on the game are listed as well as tips for advanced play to extend number and shape concepts like “Find an object that contains the shape” or “identify the number as odd or even. “Spot It! Numbers and Shapes” provides smart fun while learning the language of math.

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