Stack Your Chickens is an entertaining wobble, topple and balancing game. Players 3 and up will enjoy practicing hand-eye coordination, balance, and visual perception skills. The game includes 22 different wooden farm animals and 40 different stacking challenges. Challenge cards are divided into 3 levels: easy, medium, and advanced!

Our toy testers worked alongside one another first looking at their challenge cards to be sure they wouldn’t need the same pieces.

“My card has two foxes, so can you find one that doesn’t have any foxes?” – 4 year old.

As players moved through the levels and challenge cards, they soon realized they could freestyle and created their own challenges! “I want to stack 10 pieces,” said our 6 year old tester, as he built, revised, and explored balance and gravity in his own way.

These wooden, sturdy, and high quality pieces even intrigued our 2 year old toy tester as more language skills developed. She practiced animal sounds and even took a try at stacking! Kids then began to use the pieces in pretend play and created stories about “going on shoulders to reach the best hay in the barn.”

Stack Your Chickens is an entertaining wooden balance activity that will keep your kids learning early STEM concepts like balance, gravity, and patience. We loved watching our toy testers revise and practice their fine motor skills as they matched challenge cards and created their own animal stacks too!