The Stir & Sort Food Court by Battat Education is here to whisk your child into imaginative food play and skill-building activities. With diverse play opportunities that can be geared to different ages, this set is everything you need for restaurant fun and learning.

The versatility in play that so many of Battat’s toys embody is fantastic. With 102 pieces, there’s delicious fruits, veggies, and more for sorting, stirring, and enjoying.  Younger kiddos, practice matching and sorting by color, using tongs for an extra fine motor boost to work on strength and control of tiny muscles.

Children can also follow recipe cards to create 10 different menu items. The back side of the recipe card offers shadow shapes only, creating a fun challenge while working visual discrimination and using observation skills. This activity was folded into pretend play as “customers” ordered off the menu.

Ten healthy and delicious menu options — with pricing for an extra dialogue exchange—  added to our restaurant play. Young chefs practiced vocabulary development as they described the ingredients in “cozy chicken noodle soup” and “rainbow salad.” What a steal at $9! Following directions from the recipe card and engaging with their customers proved to be an excellent opportunity to practice sequential play, conversation and language skills.

The play guide also gave some great suggestions for role playing a busy restaurant scene. Taking on a role of head chef and sous chef, while the sous chef prepares 2 (or more!) meals simultaneously. A great activity for attention, concentration and fun!

From serving up gourmet dishes to hosting a bustling restaurant, children can explore various roles and scenarios, fostering creativity and social development. As they take on the roles of chef, server, and customer, they learn the value of cooperation, empathy, and role-play.

On the backside of the menu is the “Food Game.” This adds an extra layer of fun and learning to the play experience. It encourages social communication and turn-taking as players work to to fulfill their order through spinning and dynamic play. You do not want the fly on your plate!

The Stir & Sort Food Court by Battat Education offers diverse play opportunities that can grow with your child. There is emphasis on following directions, matching and sorting activities, pretend play, vocabulary development and true learning through play. It offers endless hours of fun while nurturing essential skills for early childhood development. Let the culinary adventures begin!

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