The Submarine Spray Station by Yookidoo is an innovative and interactive toy that provides children with a range of valuable learning benefits. The battery-operated submarine is placed in the bathtub and acts as a water pump and hand shower. The water lab suctions to the wall for playtime experimenting. Children are free to spray and explore with water and the water lab, as they understand cause and effect relationships and have fun! Parents, you can use the hand shower too for easy rinsing!

The Submarine Spray Station encourages children to engage in exploratory play and parents and caregivers have fun describing the movement of the water lab as they play. As children manipulate the various features of the toy, such as the spraying shower head, they can develop knowledge on cause and effect relationships. They observe how their actions affect the flow and movement of the water. They loved watching the googly eyes spin around and the clock timer turn as water sprayed out and turned a water wheel. They began to problem-solve and use critical thinking skills as they observe the flow of water and the movement of the toy.

The Submarine Spray Station also provided children with an opportunity for fine motor practice as they squeezed the shower head buttons to operate, building strength in the hands and fingers. Their bath time sensory experience was certainly enhanced as they felt rain showers, rain trickles, shower sprays and more.

Overall, the Submarine Spray Station by Yookidoo is an exceptional toy that provides children with a range of language, cognitive, sensory, and motor benefits. It encourages imaginative play, fosters problem-solving skills, and promotes physical activity, making it an excellent choice for parents who want to provide their children with a fun and educational water play activity.

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