Parents often ask what they can do to keep kids’ skills sharp over the summer. Highlights’ “Summer Big Fun Workbooks” are chocked full of activities targeting skills aligned with school standards. The three workbooks are designed to get kids ready for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade featuring fun activities focusing on letters, reading, writing, addition, subtraction, measuring and more. Parents can divide up the summer into the eight chapters to help bridge the gap between grades. The Workbook for entering first grade has fun activities practicing long and short vowels, tracing letters and numbers and then finding them in a cute illustration. I love “It’s Time to Rhyme,”  a large illustration of Silly Town’s Flea Market where kids search for a star in a jar or a stork with a fork! We found a raccoon with a balloon and a goat in a coat. Academic activities are always followed by a fun illustration that expands on the previous skill. The”Color Campout” picture has your child identifying colors in the picture and tracing them on the next page. Kids are rewarded for their progress as there is a large pull-out hidden pictures progress poster at the end of the workbook with a place for reward stickers after completing each chapter. Bonus Summer Craft Activities are at the end of the chapter too, which take the learning outside making a polka dot pot for planting seeds, painting with sand or making binoculars. Let Highlights take the worry out of the summer slide as you enjoy some special learning time with your child!

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