This is the ultimate pretend playset for vehicle lovers, siblings, and city planners with big imaginations. Hape’s Super Cityscape Transport bucket includes over 80 pieces that engage children’s language and storytelling skills, gross and fine motor skills, and cognitive skills through problem solving.

With so many different components, including an electric monorail, airplane and six magnetic cars and trucks, children begin to use these agents in play to catapult their storyline. They use the many different settings such as a train and fire station, runway, air traffic control tower, and cargo loading area to add more complex elements that allow for dynamic plots.

With 360 degrees of designing and playing, kids are working their gross motor skills as they crouch and squat and move around the play area bringing their story to life. They’re using fine motor skills to move traffic cones, help the engineer fix “broken wheels” and “dead engines” and refuel taxis.

A huge bonus is that the storage box becomes a part of the play. Kids work to construct train tracks with slopes and tunnels, practicing problem solving skills as they design and revise their pathways.

The Super Cityscape Transport Bucket is incredible for repeat play. There are so many different pieces and details that help spark creativity and imagination that allow for rich storytelling. These skills are key to communication as children play to build vocabulary, conversational skills, motor skills, and problem solving.

Available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart