Kids bring toys to life and that is exactly what happened with MindWare’s “Superkid in Training.” Our 5 year-old friend opened the box and went right to putting on the super cape, wristbands and mask and started setting up her action-packed obstacle course. The foam holders snugly hold the super moves–“Shake the earth when you jump” or “Take the shape of an animal and move around the course.” I love the independence kids can exhibit as they get to know the training cards and set up the course on their own. Our Superkid was pretty cute in her cape making the shape of an animal crawling on the ground and hopping away from the target. She was working on secret powers and agility while other cards encouraged super moves, accuracy and strength. Kids get practice with language skills as they learn new vocabulary,  follow directions and solve problems, AND there is definitely a bit of pretend play involved here. What a fun learning activity to play indoors or outside.

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