GUND maintains sustainable and inclusive play, with their Sustainably Soft Baby Doll Collection. This thoughtful collection of six different plush baby dolls provides comfort and companionship but also promotes vital educational and emotional development in young children.

These adorable dolls allow children to engage in imaginative scenarios that mimic real-life caregiving experiences. These symbolic play skills are essential for learning and using language, as they feed, rock, hug and change their dolls. They’re actually beginning to lay the foundation for more complex schemas and language building. They begin to build a sense of connection with their dolls and find a sense of comfort and security during play too.

This collection includes babies with different skin tones, reflecting the beautiful colors of our world. This inclusivity sends a powerful message to children—that every individual is valuable. It also helps foster a sense of belonging and acceptance, promoting empathy and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds.

The Sustainably Soft Baby Doll Collection aligns with the growing importance of sustainable living. Each doll is crafted with 100% recycled materials and is machine washable. This not only sets a positive example for children but also encourages eco-consciousness in parents and caregivers.

We love this collection as it becomes the gateway to learning, inclusivity, and compassion. Through pretend play, these dolls help children develop language and social-emotional skills, provide comfort and security, and teach valuable lessons about inclusion and sustainability. They are tools for shaping future generations to be kind, empathetic, and responsible.

Available at GUND and Amazon