Your favorite GUND plush toys just got better. GUND’s first line of amazingly soft friends that are made from 100% recycled materials. Each of these three friends delivers the same ultra-soft plush but now with an eco-friendly spin that’s still made to last.

The new Playsponsible initiative was designed to “deliver the joy of play to children and families responsibly, preserving future generations of fun.” All 13 inches of this toy is crafted from recycled materials that are sourced and sorted for repurposing. Each friend is made from 10 plastic bottles that are washed and melted transforming the waste into super-fine fibers, which are then spun to create our friends: Roise Bunny, Clove Bear, and Bay Puppy.

Our young toy testers were immediately drawn to these plush pals, affectionately tucking them under their arms and finding quick comfort in their cuddles. Even our 1.5 year old tester began to talk and take care of her Roise Bunny as she practiced similar schemas of which she knew. She carefully propped her bunny against the wall and got a blanket [read: dishtowel] to ensure its comfort, asking “you ok?” She tried out words in question form, engaging in “dialogue” that begins the early stages of conversation. These interactions and pretend play moments may seem simple, but they are powerful in building confidence and connection.

Sustainably Soft Friends bring comfort, imagination, and independence to play while proving that quality and texture don’t need to be compromised for a more eco-friendly plush. Children (and parents) can play on growing language and cognition and caring for our planet.

Available at GUND and Amazon