I was introduced to Sweetlings at the NYC Toy Fair this year and they were drawing quite a crowd! As a fan of baking and decorating cookies since I was a kid, I stepped right up to the demonstration and knew how to apply the stars of pretend frosting on various characters–“HER MAJESTling,” “RAINBOW SPRINKling” and the kit we made, “ROCK N ROLling.” My little friend couldn’t wait to get started as we looked over all the contents of our glamorous box. She learned to squeeze the tube of whipped clay to fill the “head” of our rock star with rosettes, added punch-out shapes for her face, as well as plastic sprinkles and glitter and waited for her to dry in front of her rock band background. These sweet friends are fun DIY collectables and ready for pretend play as they have their own themes and personalities. What a fun way to make and play as kids take off on their own story line, building language skills through creative play!

Available at Target.  Click here