Summertime is here and so is a super fun diving toy that will keep kids entertained, playing, and diving at the pool. SwimWays’ Disney Dive N Surprise creates an imaginative underwater adventure. The clamshell fills with water and once it touches the bottom of the pool, opens up releasing Ariel to swim to the top.

Our swimmers loved making Ariel’s swim to the surface part of their play adventure. They built new narratives that diverted from the original story. From rescuing treasures to exploring hidden worlds and racing sharks, Ariel had a different reason to race to the top. Pretend play is essential for cognitive development, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and emotional expression.

She even encouraged our most reluctant swimmers to go underwater to witness her release! It was the perfect incentive, improved confidence and breath control for swimming proficiency.

The SwimWays Disney Dive N Surprise also presents an excellent opportunity for parental involvement. Parents can join in the fun by playing alongside their children, fostering bonding moments and creating lasting summertime memories. It’s a catalyst for imagination, outdoor play, and pool time adventures. So, dive in and watch as your child’s imagination takes flight beneath the waves!

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