Getting ready for school should always be this much fun! With 12 pages of interactive learning fun from letters, numbers and shapes to feelings and instruments, this book teaches and reinforces concepts introduced in preschool. This book is bright and colorful to attract preschoolers and easy for little hands to just touch the square that includes the number, letter or item identified. “Find it” mode teaches important listening and following directions skills that teachers value as kids enter school. Shapes are taught in the context of language related to community buildings and helpers. Touch the fire station to hear,”Firefighters work in the fire station. They are ready to put out fires.” The front door is a bright yellow square. It’s important for kids to be able to identify and name their emotions, especially as they navigate a school situation. This vocabulary–excited, sad, angry, happy, scared and silly–arm kids with the words to describe feelings and situations so they can talk through situations. This clever book even tells how to deal with feelings,”If you’re sad and you know it get a hug,” and what situations bring on what feelings,”Touch a picture of something that makes you feel angry.” Learning vocabulary to share feelings increases a child’s Emotional Quotient and builds social language, valuable for their relating to others.