VTech’s Take Me With You Zebra is an interactive and travel-friendly toy that promotes language development in babies. This adorable zebra has colorful features with different textures that provide a nice sensory experience too. It plays fun songs, phrases, and sound effects that capture baby’s attention and give caregivers something fun to chat about too.

This friendly zebra teaches cause and effect. When babies give it a shake, it will giggle and play some silly sounds. This skill is an important first cognitive skill that teaches babies that they can modify their environment. What a powerful piece of knowledge for a young brain!

There’s a peek-a-boo bottom under Zebra’s saddle that allows for caregivers to add valuable language for verbs during play (open/close) and promote language development through labeling and pointing to different pictures. There’s also a convenient on/off mode so that parents can choose when Zebra plays music too.

In addition to its language development opportunities, the Take Me With You Zebra also plays music for fun and catchy tunes when driving are walking in the stroller. It also has a crinkly leaf and mirror and Zebra’s feet are different textures too. Perfect for tiny fingers to explore new sensations through tactile play.

The VTech Take Me With You Zebra is an excellent toy for babies and parents to interact and play together, developing their language skills. Its interactive features allow for an engaging way for children to learn new words, letters, and numbers, as well as enjoy music and tactile play. Plus, its portability makes it easy for children to take their learning on the go!

Available at Target, Walmart and Amazon