Take The Cake“Take the Cake”is a great starter game for preschoolers who will love to decorate their colorful cupcakes. Simple but inviting, this game reinforces colors, shapes and numbers. Roll the dice and see how many times you should shake the sprinkle shaker filled with colorful shapes to decorate your cupcakes. Place the sprinkles on your cupcake cards when there is a match. When all the sprinkles are covered on a card, you get to keep that cupcake. Yum! Expand on the game by making and decorating your own cupcakes, adding sprinkles or using tubes of frosting to decorate with shapes or objects. Take pictures of your sequence of making the cupcakes, put the pictures in order, and narrate a caption to Mom or Dad under the pictures. Using words like first, next, and last builds language skills.

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