A talking farm that teaches too! The Talk & Teach Farm by The Learning Journey International is an interactive flash card reader that provides numerous benefits that align with the language and academic developmental goals for preschool-aged children. It’s compact and travel-friendly so it’s great for learning on-the-go.

The set includes 30 double-sided cards, featuring a variety of images in 4 different categories: numbers, colors, food, and things on the farm. Children learn new words and concepts through category learning. Categories are a fundamental building block of cognition that simplify new word learning. It supports the acquisition of new vocabulary in a contextually meaningful way.

The interactive nature of the Talk & Teach Farm encourages active listening and comprehension. Children improve their ability to understand and respond to verbal language. One play mode prompts children to find particular cards within a category/color. “Let’s learn about numbers using the blue cards. Can you find the number4 ?” Our testers eagerly sifted through their card deck to insert the correct card.

Preschool skills and concepts are woven into the interactive activities in the Talk & Teach Farm. Practice in recognizing and naming colors and numbers are helpful for academic success in areas such as math and reading. It reinforces these concepts through repetition and engagement.

The Talk & Teach Farm by The Learning Journey International is an outstanding educational tool that focuses on vocabulary development, listening comprehension, categorical learning, and preschool concepts. This interactive flash card reader engages children in meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences that support their overall language and cognitive development.