MindWare Tangram Tales BlueThree Tangram Tales, combine a color connected story with associated tangrams to build, that complement the text on each page. “Yellow Wonders” tells of a kingdom filled with “wondrous things like a golden fountain to wash the birds’ wings.” Three tangram pieces are contained in a little box attached to the front cover. Kids perfect the puzzles to construct a garden gnome, royal guard, countryside fox, duck, rhino, kite and crown. Adults enjoy the creativity of using just three double sided pieces to create so many items in a story! A curved line on the square piece represents the fox’s tongue, space between the rhino’s legs, or the mouth of the gnome. My little friend couldn’t wait to try the next puzzle, “What’s next?” “Blue Surprises” takes us from a circus snake to a frog in the meadow while “Red Discoveries” finds an excavator in the sand, anteater at the zoo or a crab in the sea. The short descriptive rhymes have plenty of strong vocabulary to build language skills, digging a crater with an excavator, or finding a brave and loyal knight under a helmet. Stories are reinforced with creating their own tangram illustrations that even come to life at times. My little friend made his fish, and added a swishing sound as he swam across the table! After all, learning should be fun.

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