Tapple is a fast-paced word game that will keep players thinking and exercising their vocabulary skills in a hilarious way. With 144 different categories to choose from, it’s easy to modify for players of various ages.

Select categories that generate more familiar words, like “Things at a Wedding,” “Fruits,” or “Something Scary,” or go for the challenge such as “Westerns” or “Politics and Politicians.” Our toy testers were ages 6-10 (a bit younger than the recommended age, but we made it work!). Once the category is displayed, players take turns naming an answer beginning with a letter on the Tapple wheel, pressing the letter, then tapping the timer to restart. The 10 second timer beeps quickly so think fast!

When our toy testers started with “Things at a Wedding,” they started with predictable answers: Bride, Groom, Dancing, Wine, Priest. By the second round, we were all frenzied and digging a little deeper: Ice Sculpture, Salad and then our 8 year old toy tester shouted FROG! in a panic and laughter ensued.

The language learning benefits of Tapple are not to be overlooked. Categories help our brains to process information, recall words more readily, and integrate new information. Understanding and practicing categories help us facilitate meaning in new words and create connections in our brain.

So, go on…. try Tapple for the next family game night. Name categories, grow brains, and have fun laughing while you try to beat the timer!