This tea set invites conversation, as friends settle in for a chat around the table. Little ones loved the sturdy, easy-to-grab containers with lids, cubes of sugar to drop (clunk!)  into the cup, tea bags on a string with felt squares, a pitcher of cream and of course the pot of tea! Plan Toys knows that ” less is more” in pretend  play, as the set gives the basic props but leaves the creative details to the child, allowing for her imagination to flourish and language to flow. Made from chemical free Planwood, the cups and pitchers provide just enough clink and clank to make stirring and plopping extra fun. Children learn from imitating everyday activities of adults in their lives and making and eating food is certainly central to each day. Preparing, serving and sharing brought on conversation as little testers offered to pour cream and add a lump of sugar. Talk of hot and cold, more and enough, as well as full and empty encouraged vocabulary as kids took turns being the hostess, stirring up some great pretend play.

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