If you have a builder in your house, then you’ll need Techno Tiles to feed their love of construction. These awesome tiles come in different shapes that connect to together, so that your child can design, build, and then play!

The unique feature of Techno Tiles is that once the structure is built, a child can easily pick it up  and use their imagination as they engage in pretend play. Scan a QR code for detailed instructions on how to build just about anything. Rockets, planes, or maybe a ship? An open mouth Tyrannosaurus Rex (spikes optional!) or robot? Or design your own and let imaginations soar.

Why We Love It

During the design and build process, kids practiced following directions, problem solving, and fine motor skills as they connected tiles. Our younger kiddos were mastering knowledge of shapes and and colors as they tried to follow directions for less complex builds. Techno Tiles worked great for siblings as the collaborated on design and construction.

There was a need for attention to detail, which targeted concentration too. Techno Tiles encouraged flexible thinking and introduced kids to early engineering and mechanics. They carefully followed directions and with some perseverance were able to complete a design. At an affordable price point, Techno Tiles is a great choice for birthday gifts, STEM learning, or anytime toy for having fun.

Available at The Learning Journey International and Amazon