Open this tiny tin of fun and start your story-telling, weaving through a land of imagination, prompted by the 60 double-sided picture cards. Who can make up a story using picture of a question mark, a robber, a shower and the desert? Kids can. “After chasing the robber through the desert, I needed a shower, but where did he go?”  A family game of fun, “Tell Tale” can include kids of all ages as they construct stories on their level. Older children can use the pictures to lunch a more abstract story while little ones are more concrete. One of the best features that I like is the inclusion of several “emotion” cards depicting people scared, surprised, sad or frightened. Another option for play would be to start with an emotion card and tell whey the person feels that way, while spinning your story. A perfect travel game, “Tell Tale” is contained in a cute little tin for easy transport.

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