What child doesn’t want to star in his or her own book? “That’s MY Cake!” is a perfect story to feature siblings, cousins or friends, starring as the characters in the story. Simply fill out 2-4 children’s names, gender, and birthdates, and choose your adventurers’ appearance.  This story is all about sharing and teamwork and contains the children’s names on every page as they are compared by size and age with clever illustrations. Our Ella and Elizabeth were playing all day and had become very hungry when they spotted some “sticky gooey, chocolatey cake.” The problem is there is only one slice left. As they alternate presenting arguments as to why they deserve that last piece, “I’m bigger. I need to eat more,” or “…I’m smaller, I need it to grow,” the contrast and comparisons grow more elaborate and funny. As Ella and Elizabeth quantify the difference in age, their comparisons grow from years and months to weeks days and hours, illustrated by cheetahs on a chariot and hippos doing handstands. Finally they team up with Ella on Elizabeth’s shoulders to be bigger, older and extraordinary to overcome a monster who was claiming the cake. Thankfully they found there was plenty of cake for two! One mom reported that her four kids loved the book because they could read it themselves since their names were used so often. A grandma, a retired college English teacher reported, “The kids absolutely love the book! The story encourages an interest in math–adding. Wonderbly did so much in terms of a story line with some very basic information, and modified the appearance of the girls with hairstyles and size so it was clear which one was Ella and which one was Elizabeth.” What a fun book to teach and build an interest in reading!

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