9780823432028_p0_v2_s192x300Kids love this book as do I. This  “I Like to Read” book should be in your little one’s early reader library. The compelling story of rescue and friendship combined with  Muller’s simple drawings, encourages new readers to pick it up again and again. Anna takes off for the beach with her dog, Toto, pulling her pet on wheels past a little boy with a large cowboy hat. When Toto goes out a bit too far and gets tossed by a wave,  he bobs further out of reach. The boy with the cowboy hat steps up for the rescue, lassoing Toto and pulling him in to shore.  The ending illustration is touching as Anna is tossing the rope and the little cowboy is holding on to Toto’s leash. This simple, gentle story really appealed to kids as they asked for me to read it to them over and over.

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