The How I Survived Game is described as “where weird and wacky wins” which is why it was wildly popular with some 7 year-olds I played it with! Your hands are made of spaghetti, The school bus is driven by a monkey or your locker is filled with jelly and you are late for class. What three objects will you grab to help you survive creating a plan that will convince the judge to award you the most survival rations? Our designated 7 year-old judge of course chose the Survival Scenario card, “You can’t stop farting.” One player chose the object chips: lunch box, duck float, and hippo and easily wove his story of survival. He closed up the stink in the lunch box, filled the duck float with gas, and floated the duck to the hippo who ate it! No more farts. Other popular topics for survival were “Your teacher is close talking and her breath smells like a skunk.” as well as “Everything you touch turns purple.” With 80 survival scenarios and 55 double side object chips, the stories are limitless and creativity is unleashed. Objects can be interpreted in more abstract ways such as a bandaid becomes an injury, doctor or stickiness, while a ticket can be a loud rock concert or train ride. In their quest for survival, players exercise critical thinking, planning, logic, storytelling and cause effect as they build language skills through play.

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