Highlights’ Imagine and Draw Activity Book is a symphony of language development, creativity, and fine motor practice. This gem is perfect for on-the-go travel or some quiet time at home with more than 70 drawing prompts that spark imagination.

This activity book cultivates creativity and new vocabulary skills with each turn of a page. Kids loved flipping through to find their next challenge and dive into imaginative scenarios. Our budding illustrators were encouraged to create stories, characters, and scenes with some scaffolding in place. For instance, designing a billboard for a themed museum, creating a new plant after a bird dropped a seed in flight, or (a true classic favorite) creating their very own Hidden Pictures puzzle.

Kids were eager to show off their work and use their best descriptive language to talk all about their creations. They were encouraged to use flexible thinking honing in on creativity and imagination, all while empowering them to use self-expression through art.

With 3 double sided brush tip markers in 6 fun colors, kids had the perfect palette to choose from when creating. They sharpened their fine motor practice when gripping utensils for an entertaining purpose, enhancing their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Create Hidden Pictures puzzle, design desserts, invent creatures….
providing children with a delightful avenue to explore and learn.

This activity book is proof that creativity knows no bounds. Each page sparks imagination through drawing and storytelling. As children craft their own narratives around the prompts, they develop the ability to think outside the box, encouraging critical thinking skills. This process of bringing ideas to life on paper empowers children to explore their innermost thoughts, fostering a love for self-expression that will serve them well in all aspects of life.

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