The simplicity of the cover with the little green pea proudly holding his peacock feather gives a hint of this heart-warming story of the little pea’s adventure to be unique. Finding himself on a plant full of similar peas, the main character jumps out of his pod and takes off to forge his identity. As he approaches different animals, he declares his admiration, “I want to be like a peacock. With a tail as beautiful as a bouquet!” But, how will he get that beautiful tail? or the striped fur of the tiger or the magnificent trunk of the elephant? Each encounter provides the opportunity for prediction. Who would have guessed that the little pea would paint stripes on his body or attach a reed of grass to his nose to replicate the animals he admired? Conversation about comparisons, how the pea changed  and expanding to other animals and their traits all contribute to the language learning with “The Little Pea.” After being teased and laughed at by the other peas, our little pea remembered he was a seed and buried himself. As the seasons passed, a new vine poked through the soil to reveal a plant full of  peas, some with stripes, varied long noses and varied colors. Our little pea had produced the most unique peas of all. Finish up with an inferential question, “Why are they all different?” It is amazing to see kids link the traits back to the story.