imgres-5Kids get ready to meet the Multiples as you sip your milk, down your cereal or have a sandwich! Our mom said, “Cute” while her son said, “Wow,” when they saw the Early Year Set. “Hey, they’re counting by 2″s” another piped in. Professor One Hoot, Madame Two Moos, Porky Five Bellies and Goatee Ten Beards are at the eating table to make multiplication fun. Each character has a back story relating to their number to spark conversation . The 4 piece dinnerware set includes a cup, bowl and 2 sizes of plates rimmed with counting by one, two, five and 1o with corresponding multiplication facts in the middle of the dishes. Watch the conversation start as kids see the relationship between the numbers and enjoy counting and remembering math facts. Based on the importance of social learning and research on the impact of early exposure to numeracy experiences, The Multiples provides such learning experiences through their times table plates.

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