38614cottoncanvasteepeewithpaintteepee-copyKids rushed outside to our teepee set up in the yard and started right in personalizing each of the 4 sides with the red, blue, yellow and green paint tubes and brush. From a 6 year-old’s moon to a 10 year-old’s warrior on an horse, we had plenty to cover the thick and sturdy canvas. The paint tubes made drawing easy and the kids embellished their stars, buffalo, zig-zags and polka dots. With the artistry done, now it was time to have some fun, pretend play with the teepee, hiding inside and tying the door shut. Standing 64″ tall, this teepee can handle several children for a little rest or pow wow planning, and is made sturdy with four thick wooden poles. Language skills are tapped as kids design and talk about their decorations as well as get the story going with pretend play, using their finished product!

Available at Pacific Play Tents. Click here