This hysterical book starts with the perfunctory realization, “My grandparents are really old,” evidenced by “wrinkly faces” and “funny teeth.” The whimsical drawings add to the fun with saggy skin and baggy necks. As the storyline progresses, narrated by a grandson, each stereotype about grandparents is blown to bits with the hilarious illustrations depicting the opposite. They say they are “slow,” “clumsy,” “not bendy” and “don’t care about romance,” but the associated illustrations defy that with grandma and grandpa on roller skates and a skate board, flipping pancakes, doing a downward facing dog at yoga class and having a smooch! The book grabbed me from the first accusation, “Some people say they are NOT MUCH FUN,” with them leading a crowd racing down a roller coaster, everyone screaming with grandma’s skirt flying up, revealing her undies. Finally, the little boy reveals the truth about grandparents, they’re AMAZING. Besides the fact that I love being grandmother, SheShe, I loved the illustrations that remind me of one of my favorite illustrators of children’s books, Quentin Blake from my many years of doing speech therapy. Illustrations are just as important as the storyline to elicit conversation about a book, and Elina Ellis has been brilliant in both!

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