3piggies_usTake the classic story of the Three Little Pigs that has entertained children throughout generations, add some brain challenges, a wordless story book, and darling pigs and a wolf and you’ve got a winner with the preschool set! Childrens’ first games should have an element of pretend play to engage them as they are drawn in with a story and can’t help but re-enact it. My little friend favored play with the wolf and after his first round, he said, “I know what happens next,” while acting out the wolf blowing down the straw and stick houses and huffing to no avail on the brick house! “Can we do this again with the wolf?” he asked.  The game includes 3 rubber piggies and a wolf who are placed on the board according to the illustrated challenge pages. Players must place the three puzzle pieces holding the pigs’ homes so the pigs reside outside of the houses when no wolf is included. Add to the fun with 3 pigs and a wolf so now the pigs must be covered with the puzzle pieces linked to their homes (they can peek out by the way!) and the wolf has to stay outside. Challenged with 4 levels of play from Starter to Master, kids build language skills as they talk through different spacial configurations, tell the story, and comment on the book and engage in a little pretend play with the figures and houses.

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