Color fans, future scientists and laboratory experts will love the Tie-Dye Color Chemistry Lab. This box is jam-packed with 50 fun and playful experiments to learn from while watching colors transform right before your eyes.

Fifty different experiments take scientists through a step by step guide for procedures, observations and new knowledge. But the instruction booklet is more than a “how to” guide. Each one encourages prediction, problem solving, and critical thinking. It allows scientists to build connections from knowledge that they already have to make sound hypotheses on what might happen next. They’re comparing and contrasting information from previous experiments and gaining knowledge through experience.

Our scientists started with Experiments #1 and #2, learning the basics of color mixing primary colors. After that, there was some skipping around our Laboratory Guide, searching the for Erupting Tie Dye Volcano (#5 and a fun additional experiment with our clay volcano to complete #6). With a few household objects and ingredients the fun continued for a few days – and we still didn’t get to all 50 experiments!

The Tie-Dye Color Chemistry Lab Set provides hours (read: days! maybe weeks!) of fun learning where children truly develop a love for STEAM and chemistry. Our scientists were amazed that so much could be done with just 3 colors and quickly identified themselves as color experts. Probably the best result from this lab set, was the adult-child connection as we learned and reflected together!