I still have an old tube of Tinkertoys from my youth with the wooden slotted stick pieces and worn green cardboard flag-shaped pieces and they continue to entertain kids who visit. So when the newest Tinkertoy sets arrived for review, I was excited to try them with this generation of kids. My toy testers set aside their hero and villain figures and started right to work on flying machines, forts, and vehicles to transport a very wobbly, long legged robot (thanks to the flexible pieces that bend). The Transit set includes a snap together chunky character who served as a policeman for my little friends whose dog had his own weapon to ward off the enemies. The set of 150 pieces includes bendable and straight rods, a variety of connecting pieces, 4 kinds of wheels, corner pieces, fan blades and eyeballs to create vehicles and the characters to ride in them. 15 building ideas come on the instruction sheets but imaginative kids don’t seem to need them to get their story going, creating new props and people.

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